Reduce call center agent training and on-boarding time up to 90%!

Using our SaaS-based solution agents learn everything they need to know instantly without spending weeks in training.

Dramatically reduce contact center agent training and on-boarding time. Give them everything they need to know instantly without spending weeks and weeks in training. They’ll have the knowledge of your contact center’s smartest people at their fingertips; advising them, giving them direction and passing along valuable experience.

“When used in conjunction with a new and improved process, this simple yet powerful tool enables us to simultaneously increase quality while reducing time and cost.”

Dir of Operations, Fortune 1000 Insurance Company

“Our SOC2 and other compliance audits have become much easier now that we can quickly point to our thorough procedural controls.”

President, Northeast Contact Center

“I’m a total fan. If you’re of the e-Myth mindset and want to roll out and manage systems and procedures then you need to check them out. A well executed implementation of this software will help you improve your contact center substantially.”

Vice President, Operations

Our cloud-based knowledge guidance software disrupts traditional (old school) agent training methods and helps you make your agents experts…faster.

Real Clients. Real Results.

Decrease training time by up to 90%
Reduce operating costs
Improve first call resolution
Decrease avg. handle time seconds

Easy as…

Mimic your experts and create flows that instantly guide new agents and changes

Re-engineer QA, Coaching and Ops as agents work faster with less errors

Users submit suggestions and changes to rapidly spread better practices

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Problems Solved

Dash Trainer is rapidly deployed cloud-based solution that enables you to reduce training time, errors, inconsistency and repeat contacts by 50-90%. It’s disrupting agent training by leveraging simple learning technics that have been used for 1,000’s of years. The “learning by doing” method is significantly faster than training with information and then putting in mass effort trying to convert that into actions that are error-free.

Contact Center Agents Learn By Doing
Give contact center agents information immediately

IMMEDIATE – use guided process flows to give agents the exact information they need, exactly when they need it enabling them to handle any contact scenario and giving them confidence from Day 1.

EASY – as simple as follow the leader. Agents work through your processes in a visual and logical way that helps them to quickly and accurately do the right thing – right out of the gate.

KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE – replicate best-agent performance across your entire contact center (and outsourced partners) and let your team suggest changes to improve agent engagement and promote social collaboration and sharing of even better practices.

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER – let everyone get inside the heads of your experts, use the flows to reduce training and mentoring time by 50-90%. Watch quality go up and average handle time go way down.

Contact Center Agent Knowledge Transfer
Contact Center Agent Consistency

CONSISTENCY – as your whole team starts to engage in the process, watch consistency and customer experience soar. Change notifications keep everyone up to date with all the latest process changes.

AUDIT – Run a quick report to see who is looking at their change notifications. You can also see who has logged in recently and coach employees who are falling behind.

Contact Center Agent Audit

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